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Pastor caught with his Church Elder’s wife in a hotel room.

There’s a new viral video trending on social media which captures the moment a Pastor want to sleep with his Church Elder’s wife.

Apparently, the Pastor has been making sexual advances towards the woman.

And the woman made her husband aware.

So in what appears to be a set-up, the woman agreed to meet the Pastor at a particular hotel.

And just when he was loosing his belt in other to chop the woman, five men walked on with cameras to capture the embarrassing moment.

The Pastor who was visibly shocked to the bones quickly tried to button up his zip.

He pleaded that he should be given a listening ear.

However, although he was given a the chance to talk, he could not explain himself.

It is alleged that the pastor had been making sexual advances towards the woman in question and the act was meant to expose him.

Watch the video below:



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