Patapaa inks new deal with Dr. Caesar Energy drink

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The Agona Swedru based artiste whose rise to fame came from his hit song – ‘One Corner’ has really seen through the ups and downs in life these few months !

Patapaa’s rise to fame became a household name when his ‘One Corner’ song suddenly came with enormous crazy dance moves. In a recent interview, he shared how he was almost poisoned to death after he performed in Tarkwa.

According to his own account on various media outlets, he almost kicked the bucket but for the timely saving dose of the popular Dr. Caesar Energy drink. To him, it was this drink that he took to suppress the rippling effect of the poisonous substance that he was allegedly fed with. Some spiritual fathers of his purportedly helped as well.

Today, he has been able to secure an ambassadorial deal with the CEO of Dr. Caesar Energy drink and he has promised to be the brand ambassador for all the good reasons because this particular drink saved his life.

He made the above assertion on his official Facebook page some few hours ago.

Well, congrats to Patapaa and his team !!!