Paying my last respect to you in that Box was the hardest – Empress Njamah cries like a baby after seeing Ada Ameh’s corpse

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Nollywood Actress Empress Njamah has dropped several videos from the funeral of her colleague and Sister like Ada Ameh who sadly passed away on the 18th of July 2022 few hours after she posted a video of her happily eating and chatting with friends.

The video came after the Actors guild on Nigeria held a candle night tribute in honour of the Actress on the 18th of July. Empress on her official Instagram page shared a video of how she was in pain and shock when she saw the corpse of her friend Ada Ameh in the coffin.

Dropping the video, She captioned it: HEARING YOU HAD LEFT ME WAS HARD,KNOWING I WILL NOT SEE YOU AGAIN WAS HARDER,MAKING THIS TRIP TO SEE YOUR BODY IN THAT BOX AND PAY MY LAST RESPECT WAS THE HARDEST, @emmanuelmaryene thanks for everything,kilogram you are amazing,goodnight dearest,keep resting away from this wicked world,