Peace FM News Presenter shares a story of how a lady’s child was declared “dead” by doctors but shockingly met her twinnie in School

Recently, A baby selling syndicated was busted at Hospital after some doctors and Nurses tried selling a baby for GHc 28,000

A lady on social media has narrated how her sister gave birth to twins but only had one of the babies. In the post, she claim the nurses and doctors told her that one of her twins had died and even requested money for burial.

Years later, her daughter met a girl who looked just like her at her JHS boarding school but immediately she told her parent about her about the school vacated for holiday break, she couldnt reach the other one again and that she left the school and even switch off her Phone.

She wrote:

I need Help.My Big Sister got pregnant and the man wasn’t responsible. Due to this, My Sister suffered before she finally put to birth.During her pregnancy, she couldn’t afford a scan to detect either the sex or number of kids she was incubating.

However, she remember vividly how the Midwife told her she should push harder after delivering the first one and that a little more push the second child will come for her to be free.She realised then that she was having twins.After some minutes, she was told she lost one of the babies and so have to part with 100 cedis for them to burry the baby for her else she will have to find someone herself to do that for her Fast forward 2019, her girl gain admission to free shs, she was enrolled as a boarder.At school, she found a girl of her age who look exactly as her.

All their mates were calling them twins. The other girl got so close to her and that they almost shared everything the girl brought to school.They discussed how they will tell their parents how they met someone who look just like their twin.They exchanged numbers when school vacated and they both departed for home.My Sisters daughter came home to break the story and so my sister decided to go to the school to look for the other girl and then see her parents as well.Unfortunately, school reopened and the other girl didn’t return to school.

Her fon has been off ever since. Since then, it’s being hunting my sister who do Not have money and links to continue the search.When i heard the news of the child selling syndicate, I feel we have a story to tell. Am gathering all I can to followup on this. We have the name of the girl and I believe due to how data is collated for school placement, I can definitely trace them with your support. I will keep you posted Ama Brago’s Brother Ketewa



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