Peruzzi finally spill the beans about sleeping with Chioma after Davido and her broke up

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Some time ago, It was rumored that Nigerian Musician Peruzzi slept with Davido’s third baby mama Chioma

Allegedly this has contributed to how Chioma and Davido’s relationship become a Topic each time they have a problem

Peruzzi has finally opened up about the issue after all this years. According to him, all this rumors all not true. He claim this is something he can never ever do and all we heard was a crazy story which was cooked up by people who wanted to tarnish him and Chioma’s image

Speaking in an Interview, he said: “Someone said I has s*k with the wife of the man who help me. Do you know how crazy this was?

“Even if you hate me as a person, what did Davido do to you? Anyway, right now, I am careful of every pin that drops near me.