Photo of Two Final year students getting Intimate in the classroom goes viral.

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Gone were the days when even standing and talking to the opposite sex in our senior high schools was never heard off, Those who do that are often termed as Bad Girls or Boys. Moat of the students in the boarding house especially mixed school often do that after prep, They will be seen in dark places chatting and gisting before they retire to bed.

But in this era, with advanced Technologies, most student are not scarred to show the Intimate things they do in the classroom, from Twerking, blasting their teachers for teaching unprofessional thing and also taking about the private parts of the opposite sex and how they enjoy getting intimate despite their young age.

In a viral Photo sighted, two finally year student are seen in a photo getting intimate in the classroom. The young lady had her mouth at the private part of the opposite sex whiles their friends caption it : Blow Job in class

We are yet to identify the school and cannot confirm if indeed the lady was giving the gentleman a Blow job in the classroom in front of his friends.