Photo: Poverty And Riches Are Both Vanity, Choose Wisely- Kafui Danku Advices!!!

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One statement that almost every rich man on earth have heard and still hears is that all their riches are nothing but vanity. A day will not go by without you having to hear preacher men always stressing on it that we came into this world naked and we are surely to go back the same as we came.

In our part of the world when a celebrity whom we assume is rich buys anything we deem expensive is always have the vanity tag attached to it.

It could be recalled that few weeks ago, actress and producer Kafui Danku had a scuffle with counselor Oduro when the later addressed women who spend 1000 cedis on their hair as being senseless.

An angry Kafui came to the defense of her fellow women like herself and termed the utterance by the counselor as baseless and flawed and therefore need not to be paid attention to.In a recent post on Instagram the actress has once again defended rich people saying that being rich or poor are both vanity and therefore people should choose their vanity wisely.

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