Photo: Sonnie Badu pleads with Ghanaians to forgive Pastor Brian Amoateng for his Hand Sanitizer Comment

Earlier this week UK based Ghanaian Pastor Brian Amoateng was roasted by Ghanaians following his insensitive comments about the church helping it’s members with hand sanitizers in this coronavirus crisis. According to him, the church is not obliged to give hand sanitizers to it’s members in this crisis because they give offerings to the church.

He later came to apologize claiming he never meant to ‘insult’ anyone claiming his words were taken out of contest. Even after apologizing, some Ghanaians were still not satisfied with his apology hence continued bashing him. In reacting to that, Dr. Sonnie Badu has pleaded with Ghanaians on pastor Brian’s behalf asking them to forgive him. According to him, though his words were insensitive he has realized his mistake and has apologized therefore he needs to be forgiven.

He therefore gave some examples of things pastor Brian has been doing backdoor to help the youth from his own pocket. Adding that for 5years pastor Brian has been helping the youth in many ways therefore Ghanaians should overlook his insensitive statement and forgive him.



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