Photos: Danish Aid Worker, Anja Loven Rescues Little Boy Who Was Spotted Roaming Around Naked.

Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren-Lovén has helped to reduce a little bit who was spotted roaming around the streets of Akwa Ibom with no clothes on.

Anja who is the brain behind the NGO called Land of Hope has revealed that she was tagged to the video of the boy roaming about and she immediately deployed her team to the scene despite the fact that she’s not in Nigeria. She shared the story of the boy’s rescue on her social media pages on Thursday, December 31.

She wrote;

“Monday I started preparing an update about 2020 to look back on all the challenges we faced but then everything took an unexpected turn. Tuesday morning I woke up to see that I had been tagged in a video on facebook.

“The video showed a naked boy roaming around in the middle of the street and people asked me for help. I´m in Denmark at the moment but I immediately called Land of Hope Director of Child Development @nsidibeorok because it turned out that the boy was spotted in an area not far from us, about 1 hour drive from Land of Hope Children Center so Orok rushed to the place.

“Then I got a call from Land of Hope artclass teacher @joeberry_bassey_art who happened to be just near the street where they boy was seen and despite not having any experience in handling cases of child abuse and how we operate during a rescue, Joeberry knew that he had to act fast and knew that Orok was on his way. He teamed up with the woman who shared the video and both of them got in her car, brought some clothing, biscuits and a fanta and found the boy. They took him to the police station where Orok came to handle the procedures. From when I was tagged in the video to the boy was found only took about 30 minutes.

” Now the child is at Land of Hope in our care where he will be surrounded with love and care. 2020 might not have been the best year but in the end we saved a life 🌟The heroes of this story is @remarkablemary who tagged me in the video. She herself is making a great impact in Nigeria. Joeberry who usually spend most of his time in Land of Hope artclass with the children but suddenly found himself on a rescue with a woman he never met before.

” Ruth, a journalist who saw a child in need and with courage took matters in her own hand. To act in situations where children or adults are in need of help is not always easy. We see many cases where people stop to help but end up to be blamed for whatever has happened. In some situations innocent people have been killed just because they want to help. Orok, our Director of Child Development who I admire the most in this world. I can now sleep peacefully because the boy is in his care. Happy New Year from Land of Hope 🎉🥂🌟 #landofhope”

See photos below;



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