Photos: Forget Regina Daniels, Checkout the 82 year old Nigerian King with over 12 wives who just got married to a 23 year old lady

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It seems the new trend in town is a young lady marrying an old rich man who can take care of her financially. Thou a person shouldn’t be condemned for his or her choice of love or the person he or she wish to marry.

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels was criticized heavily after News of her marrying a 64 year old man surfaced online. A 23 year old lady has surface who is married to an 82 year old man,Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III is currently the traditional King of Oyo Empire in western Oyo state. Shortly after the Nigerian war, under the leadership of Colonel Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, The 82 year old Alaafin become King in 1970.

He was a professional Boxer who really loved sports. He also has various Professional degrees and in between 1980 to 1992 he was appointed as the chancellor of Uthman dan fodio university in sokoto. He is known to have a high taste in women and doent hesitate to make you his wife if he finds you interesting. He has over 12 wives and he recently added another one who is 23 years.

Much is not Known about her but she is really a beautiful lady who goes by the name Queen Dami. Checkout her pictures below