Photos: Meet DJ IREM$, The Nigerian Pilot, Car Dealer And DJ Who Set Record By Becoming The First Black Man To Propose To His Girlfriend In A Single Engine Plane

by - 2 mins

Samuel Enyi known as DJ IREM$ has really surprised quiet a number of people out there by doing the unusual. Unlike the normal routine of buying a luxury car or taking your partner to an expensive location all in the name of making a proposal, Irem$ decided to break that code by flying his girlfriend in a single carriage plane and proposed to her.

Apparently, the young man happens to be a Nigerian who attended a flight school in the USA where he got his license to fly. Because of his passion for music, he had to put his flying skills on hold and guess what, he managed a few artists who never became famous in the music scene but still continued to do music for the love of it. He also owns a car dealing company which sells both luxury and non luxury cars. has decided to bring you more pictures of DJ Irem$.

Checkout the photos below;