Photos: Meet Euxodie Yao, The Curvaceous Lady Who Is Crying Bitterly Because Her Diminutive Boyfriend Grand P Is Cheating On Her

We earlier reported on the curvaceous girlfriend of diminutive musician Grand P, Eudoxie Yao, has taken to her various social media handles to cry out over how her famous boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Grand P and Eudoxie Yao went viral after they both took to their social media pages to make the relationship official. Social media commentators were in utmost shock with some stating that the equation is not balanced looking at think and tall Eudoxie is.

Guess what, Eudoxie Yao is currently complaining about her man Grand P cheating on her with another woman. This is what she had to say; ”My Baby, Grand P I’m not happy with you honesty! I need to see you once more. Your infidelities are overpowering. Going on like this, I couldn’t say whether I will want to get married anymore! You said you love me, yet all the time you are kissing other women. Frankly, I am very disheartened.”

Well, has decided to bring you some hot pictures of Euxodie Yao as some social media commentators can’t fathom why the diminutive musician will be cheating on such a woman.

Checkout the photos below;



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