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Photos Of A South African Man Who Built A Car With Metal Wire Goes Viral

Bruce Garrabrandt once said “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones” and that is the case of a young man who has built a car with metal wire.

In a post which has been sighted on Facebook by our outfit, a young man took to social media and shared pictures on social media disclosing why he decided to continue his stay in South Africa.

The young man who has been identified as Ngobeni disclosed that the level of creativity in the country is actually something that moves and inspires him and guess what, he shared pictures of a man who build his personal car from a metal wire. Indeed, it is satisfying to see someone go the extra mile just to do something no one has done.

Checkout the screenshot below;



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Francis Brownson is a "blogger” and i pretty much love what i do. I hold a degree in Accounting but truth is i still love Accounting in as much as i like writing now.. I'm just a simple and honest guy who is on a quest for greatness...

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