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Photos: Young Man Who Was Totally Ignored After A Billboard Fell On Him In 2016 Sadly Dies

Patrick Yeboah, the 28-year-old young man who was ignored after a billboard fell on him somewhere in 2016 has reportedly died. The sad part of whole issue is that the incident changed his whole life since that very day and it left him crippled.

A Facebook user by name Kwei Andoh who happens to be his close friend took to his Facebook page and announced his sudden demise with a lengthy sad letter. This is what he had to say;

Three years ago, I read a report from a few media houses about a group of young men seeking justice for their friend, one Patrick who was rendered permanently paralysed after a billboard belonging to Medex Media with the advert of Telefonika fell on him at Spintex.

It was an early Thursday morning, Patrick was on his way to work, this is a young man who combined school with work with the hope of a great future. Every sacrifice came to a crushing end that morning, after a long time at the hospital battling his life, Patrick was taken home in a wheelchair he was to be in for the rest of his life.

The company that managed the Billboard, Medex Media refused to take responsibility for the harm caused by the falling of their board on a young man who had his entire future ahead of him. Even though this accident permanently changed the course of his like, Patrick got no compensation. His friends fought, they tried every means to get justice, they went to court but for months, the court could not locate Medex Media with the writ. Interestingly, the companies involved compiscously went for the broken billboard, repaired it and refixed and what many felt was an attempt to bury the evidence.

The human who was prominently broken, they valued not enough.. Their quest to get justice was massively hit when Lawyer Francis Sosu was suspended for 3 years by the general legal counsel, I leant sharing the story of Patrick on his Facebook wall was one of the offends sited against him by the General Legal Counsel.At a personal level, Patrick’s issue kept coming back to me, I wish I could do something, but could think of nothing, I made a post about it but always felt it wasnt enough. Once a while, I will reach out to his friend, Giovanni Nautical Obuobi who led the fight to get him justice and ask about him.A month ago, I did same and asked if it was possible to raise funds from GoFundMe for a possible treatment abroad, he gave me Patrick’s number to call him and speak to him, I saved the number.I will call him at the appropriate time, hopefully tomorrow, I said to myself.

Yesterday I checked my inbox and saw a message from Giovanni, it read: Patrick is no more, he died yesterday. I was deeply hurt, felt a little bit of guilt, why did I keep giving it time, why wasn’t I urgent enough even though I don’t know exactly what I could have done to help. I was lost in it because despite superior publicity from major media houses like Citi and GhOne, nothing changed. Patrick died after 3 years of excruciating pain, 3 years of having to be bathed and fed by somebody, three years of being assisted to shitt like a baby and three years of being denied justice even when his life was at stake.

That fight came to an end when he gave up the ghost, the hope for a miracle didnt materialise, the hope for a great ending remained a distant dream.I feel sorry for his family and ask myself: who fights for the average Ghanaian? The state could have done more for Patrick, a lot of noise was made, people dedicated their time and resources to ensure that even if he doesn’t walk again, the life left in him would not lived on the corridors of poverty. His family spend everything to keep him alive. In all of these though, I learnt something, we all need good friends, we need friends who are willing to go the extra mile just for us. Patrick had that, I followed and saw them soldier on.

I saw them raise funds to support him.For whatever Patrick lacked, they made up for it with love.Today, I grieve for someone I never met, someone whose story could have been better if the Billboard was well maintained. It had cracks but they didnt bother, when it broke and destroyed a life, they went to fix it and left the life to rot.This world is a useless place if some people don’t rot in jail and there’s no hell to pay them back. Patrick didn’t get justiceIsaac Kyei Andoh

Checkout his post below;

Three years ago, I read a report from a few media houses about a group of young men seeking justice for their friend,…

Posted by Isaac Kyei Andoh on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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