Police Officers Force Female Protester To Take Off Her Bra Or Else….

A young lady and a protester in the on going #EndSARS protest identified as Treasure Nduku has narrated how she was malhandled, beaten mercilessly and detained by policemen in Lagos. She also stated on records that she was forced by these same policemen to remove her bra whilst in detention.

Treasure in sharing her ordeal with the media disclosed that she was beaten and tortured by quite a number of policemen who were more than in numbers. She also stated that she tagged her as a criminal. This is what Treasure had to say;

”bunch of other policemen assisted him in dragging me and I was so helpless. It was me against more than of them. They kept hitting me so I tried covering my face so that I don’t get hit on the face. I couldn’t catch a glimpse of them because it was all of them at that particular point. They said I should pull off my bra. Then, I took of my bra. Everything they did was so unconstitutional”



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