‘Politicians Are Making Celebrities Who Helped Them Look Like ZOMBIES’ – Samini Rants

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High-Grade Family boss, Samini is very furious about recent happening in the country especially the one concerning the new parliamentary chamber.

The music legend is ranting on Twitter and it is all because of how our politicians are managing the economy.

In what many have termed as ‘senseless’ and a ‘misplaced priority’, the move to build a new parliamentary chamber has faced much opposition than expected.

This, according to Samini, is like deceit as these politicians are making those who helped them during campaign periods to look like ‘ZOMBIES’.

In a recent tweet, the ‘Where My Baby Dey’ hitmaker wrote;

“Politicians has made some of our so called public figures zombies after buying them out .. don’t just chat cus you Dey opposition and can’t get access to Ghana property to try and loot for yourself. Say the fact with no sentiments my guy. Truth is harsh but just ONE. I vex today”