“Politicians should be bold and speak agaisnt the LGBT issues in Ghana” Lawrence Tetteh reveals

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The founder and Leader of Worldwide Miracle Outreach , Prophet Lawrence Tetteh has dropped his Opinion concerning the LGBT issue which has became a nation wide pandemic recently.

Issues of these LGBT Office which was recently opened at the Ashomang estate began to pop up and this has raised a lot of concerns in the country.

In the words of Rev Lawrence Tetteh, he said: “Our traditional leaders dont accept it, our religious leaders dont also accept it, Politicians are the only ones who have not been bold enough to speak even though they know that it is illegal, Psalm 11:3 says if the foundations are destroy what can the righteous do. It is very sad that, there are leaders in Ghana who are not standing up puclicly against this issue which has destroyed many men and women and young people.

“It is illegal for any gay, lesbian or trans whatever office to be set up in Ghana, because in our constitution it is illegal”