Praye Tietia Enjoys Like A King After Doing House Chores For His Wife – VIDEO

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It is rare to find a Ghanaian man helping in house chores but Praye Tietia has broken all odds to help his wife Sally Galley in keeping the home and she has also rewarded him heavily.

While most Ghanaians have been kept indoors due to coronavirus outbreak, Sally Galley took advantage of having her man in the house to make him engage in some house duties.

Sally shared a video of her man sweeping the house while she sit, relax and sip her wine.

Many Ghanaians who believe a man must not help with house chores blasted Sally Galley and asked Praye Tietia to punish her.

Well those people have been shamed and disappointed as a new video that has popped up showed a great reward of an earth ware full of Ghana’s local dishes served him for his great work.

We just waiting for what comments from critics will be this time around. According to Sally the reward was to encourage her husband to do more next time.