Prophet Cosmos Walker exposes ex President Mahama, Nigel Gaisei and the NDC Party

The founder and leader of the Cosmos Walker Afrane Ministries took to his Facebook to write a lengthy message, exposing The NDC, Nigel Gaisei and Ex President Mahama.

He wrote:

His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran speaks. You people who are insulting and not happy am not helping John Mahama again in the election, listen and read this carefully. JM have a group of Pastor’s he respect and honored them with money and his time and this pastors am not part of them by the action of JM.

1. Ask H. E JM, brother Nigel Gasise built 1 million dollars church Temple and who financed it .

2. Ask H. E JM, brother Nigel Gasise got mercedes – Benz C 300 on his birthday, who bought for him.

3. Ask H. E JM , brother Nigel Gasise open almost half of a million dollars television station, who financed it.

4. Ask H. E JM, brother Nigel Gasise had sexual issue with a certain lady, who gave him money to solve the issue with the lady.

5. Ask H. E JM, brother Nigel Gasise has ever defended him in public media platform before.Which is” No”

6. Ask H.E JM has he given money to other pastors so far , which is “yes ” and has any of them defended him since 2017 to 2020 on public media platform before? Which is” No”

7. Ask H. E JM has he ever given money ” even 1 Cedi or 1 dollar ” or a car to His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran before? which is ” No “

8 Ask H. E JM has His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran ever defended him on public media platform before? since 2017 to 2020 , which is “yes” Running mate issue. John Mahama H. E, settle on Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah as his running mate for 2020 election and all the leadership of the party were aware of his nomination. Base on my spiritual projection and what God told me that made JM to settle on the Mr Johnson Asiedu Nkietiah .

But this is what happens behind closed doors. brother Nigel Gasie went to Mr Johnson and his campaign team and told them he needs 100 begs of cement to do a direction for him and they gave him, he later demanded for amount of money which is thousands of dollars and they gave him that amount he requested . later he ask for a car Mr Johnson and his team couldn’t afford the car, so Brother Nigel Gasie told them, he will auction the running mate to different person who can afford him a car of his choice.

That is why this woman got the running mate instead Mr Johnson when JM has settled on him and even made him set up a campaign team for that matter. After Brother Nigel Gaise was done with auction of the running mate. He made it fast to JM and told JM God has spoken to him and I His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran and I have also had the confirm of that Mr Johnson should not be the running mate but this woman Naana. ” which is untrue God did not and I did not confirmed it ” , mean while it was left with less than 24 hours for Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah name to be announced or to be introduced as NDC running mate for 2020 election.

This woman became aware of be JM running mate on this Monday her name was mentioned.” you can Cross checked” KSM show by the woman her own account. before that Monday Mr Johnson was still on the bill as NDC running mate for 2020 election. which has given us a victory in the incoming election. Brother Nigel Gasise went for interview on Metro TV Station ” Good evening Ghana ” the Host ask him ” do you know John Mahama the presidential candidate for the NDC? ” Brother Nigel Gasise said ” I don’t know him and I have never met him before ” meaning he Brother Nigel Gasise denied former president JM , who has done a lot for him financially , on public media platform.

And which is untrue answer. After the interview I phone him Brother Nigel Gasise together with some people and I ask him ” why do you denied former president JM” on the “Good evening Ghana show ? he said to me on the phone” he Brother Nigel Gasise ” he is not a stupid person to defend former president JM .I ask him again why , he brother Nigel Gaise said again ” what if he defend him or say he knows JM personally , on the national television while everyone is watching and then the NPP people come and attack him, what is he going to do. Together with me and other people we were speechless of what he said to us. Upon all this whenever I come to Accra to have a meeting with “NDC ” JM people, I return to central region without a” dime ” I take care of my own transportation and we finished the meetings in the night so I have to lodge to next day, when it happens I used my own money to pay for the hotel bills and without even a bottle of water given to me by them. I ask JM and his people since their counting on me for the election victory , resources have to be made for me to do the spiritual work for us to win the election,

They told me I should go to the bank and take a loan to finance the resources and after everything, if we win the election, they will give me the money to go and pay the loan back to the bank. What an insult and disrespect to me. Those of you who are insulting me for saying I have disappointed you for deciding not to help JM again in the coming election, this is what you need to know. Former president John Mahama have a group of pastors he respects and honored them with money and his time and base on his actions towards me am not apart of those pastors, so let those pastors help him in this year election. His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran is my name.

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