Prostitutes in Nungua share free drinks to their Customers after the Covid 19 update

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Ghanaian got extremely excited after the Covid 19 update yesterday the 26th of July 2020. But it still doesnt change the fact that the virus is still out there and that one can easily contract it if he or she doesnt adhere to the protective measures.

Yesterday at the “Abrefi Spot and Italian Boy Spot” which are very popular places where night workers operate at night organized a very big time party to celebrate and clear the air.

Though the motive behind the songs and dancing were unclear, Sharing the free drinks to customers after the Covid19 update was enough evidence.

According to sources, they have since been operating secretly during the lockdown moment. Although the police usually pass by to inspect the place, they manage to outsmart them with their operations.

Even though Prostitution is illegal in Ghana, the President yesterday gave the go head for pups and hotels to operate.