Queen Farcardi Finally Ties The Knot With A Married Man?

Celebrated ‘ashawo’, queen Farcardi has allegedly tied the Knot with a married man.

This was revealed by her friend, Mzz Jay who disclosed her plans of supporting the married man to be snatched by Farcardi.

Mzz Jay revealed in a post on social media that there wedding is a private one and so they won’t share any videos or photos of it on social media because the groom is someone’s husband.

“It’s strictly private. Sorry guys. Not everything has to be said or flaunted. Even for this, we wouldn’t have said it because we’re snatching someone’s husband. 2020, We snatching. I am backing you ,” Mzz Jay says to Farcardi in a video shared on social media.

Because of her honest revelation on being an ‘ashawo’ on the Delay show, majority of Ghanaians thought it will be difficult for her to find a husband but it proved otherwise.

Watch the video below:

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