Reggie Rockstone’s Achievement In Music Is The Waakye He Is Currently Selling – Shatta Wale Fires Again

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Dancehall King Shatta Wale, has slammed the grandfather and originator of rap music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone. The Shatta Movement Boss, who was not satisfied with Reggie Rockstone’s explanation on what he has achieved for Ghana through music and his claim that he set the pace for Shatta Wale to follow sparked rage in Shatta wale who took to facebook to ridicule the rapper for his unwarranted claims.

According to him, nobody paved the way for him in the industry, before Reggie, there were rappers and still stands on the fact that Reggie hasn’t made any impact in Ghana music. For him, Reggie’s achievement in Ghana music is the waakye he sells. He added that his fake life is the reason why till date, he, Reggie Rockstone lives in his father’s house unlike him, Shatta Wale who lives in his own house.