Regina Daniels In Trouble?-Marrying A Man 20 Years Older Will Certainly Lead To Divorce-Says Stephanie Benson

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Women most often than not prefer to be married to a man who is a bit older than them for their own reasons but some women go extreme mile of marrying a man who is as twice their age and that is exactly the case of actress Regina Daniels who is 20 years but married to a 59-year-old man.

This raised public concerns but the actress is unperturbed about her husband’s age. She disclosed that she is a stubborn person and so she needed someone a bit more older than her to be able to manage her.

Ghanaian musician based in the state has advised women not to settle down with men who are twenty years older than them because it can lead to divorce.

According to her many older men do not marry purposely because of love but for decoration, power, control and mid life crisis. She also indicated that the young women also marry older men for security the more reason the marriage has 95% chance of breaking down.

She added that if anyone marries for the above reasons it will lead to heartache and boredom etc.


According to her