Regina Daniels Regrets Marrying Ned Nwoko, Cheats With A Young Guy

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One of the people who marriage is well talked about is teen actress, Regina Daniels. A lot people can’t fathom why a young girl of her age will marry a man trice her age.

Although the actress has exhibited countless number of times of she being in love with her ‘grandfather’ husband but people still don’t believe her.

The actress has finally been spotted with one young guy which she claims to be her friend but the kind of pose and manner they held each other in the picture tells something else.

The actress was with joy whilst being in her so called friend. Not only did she beam with smiles but her eyes was sparkling. This has got social media users talking and accusing her of cheating.

Do you think she can ever cheat on Ned Nwoko despite the love and money he showers on her?

Below is the photo: