Regina Daniels speaks on leaving Acting for Her Marriage

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Nigerian actress Regina Daniels seems to be on a media trip where she is addressing issues about her marriage.

Recently, the actress spoke on her marriage, her reason for marrying a much, much older man and how she finds this whole marriage thing.

Regina Daniels has had another media session with the Vanguard where she commented on her ‘initiation into the Aniocha Women Group’ and more..

Check out a few of her answers during the interview below;

What do you love most about your husband (Ned Nwoko)?

His honesty. He’s the most honest person I have ever met. In short, I love his honesty.

What’s the next level for you (Regina Daniel) as an actress?

Business, producing, directing and of course, Hollywood.

What are the things marriage has robbed you of?

I can’t think of anything because when I was single, my life was always about acting, schooling and I didn’t have time for a party but now that I’m married I could go out for parties. I can even say I’m more privileged to have more opportunities now to do things than when I was single.

Can you (Regina Daniels) leave acting at the behest of your husband?

The question is, will he ask me to leave acting? First of all, I never thought about that but the man I married will never ask me to leave what I love.