Remember Ghanaian Actor Fiifi Coleman? See How He Is Driving Women Crazy At Age 51

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Famous Ghanaian actor Fiifi Coleman is undoubtedly the ladies man just as Majid Michelle and Van Vicker. He won the hearts of many Ghanaians with his great talents in movies as well as his good looks.

Since the Ghanaian movie industry died off and giving way to foreign movies a lot hasn’t been heard from him but his fans on social media can attest that he still looks great.

According to comic Ghanaian actor, Clemento Suarez, Fiifi Coleman is 51 but still looks 30. This beats our imagination because Fiifi Coleman we know is that old despite how long he has been on our screens.

A little cross check on his age and we realized he was 40 in the year 2017 which means he has turned 44 in 2021. Yet still he looks pretty good.

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