Reports..Obour Contracts Coronavirus after coming into Contact with Dad who died of the Disease!

As our country continues to Battle the deadly coronavirus here in Ghana reports reaching us indicates that the former Presidents of the Musicians union of Ghana Bice Osei Kuffour’s father has died of the deadly convid-19 virus. This report was made known after various Media outlets suggested that Obour’s father arrived in Ghana few weeks ago after having battle the coronavirus in America and having failed to get any better.

Upon Obour’s father arrival to Ghana he was sent to the 37 military Hospital for treatment but then his family never knew he had the deadly coronavirus so the doctors of the 37 military Hospital unknowingly was treating him without knowing Bice Osei Kuffour’s father had the virus.

After few weeks of treatment and failure to get better his father gave up the ghost and a medical examination revealed that all along his father had the deadly coronavirus and was battling with the disease without the notice of Doctors and Nurses treating him.

It’s however unknown if Obour and his family were aware that his father had the disease but failed to notify the doctors of the 37 military Hospital who were treating him here in Accra, new reports also coming in suggest Obour himself never knew his father had contracted the deadly coronavirus and in quest by him and his family to treat their sick father may have also contracted them the coronavirus.

Currently at the 37 military Hospital videos nurses are currently in a state of shock and dilemma since they never had any idea that the sick patient they were treating all along was suffering from the deadly coronavirus, this has however made scores on Twitter suggest that if Obour never knew about his father’s illness and him having the deadly coronavirus whiles receiving treatment then Obour himself might have contracted the disease whilst unknowingly visiting his sick father who was receiving treatment at the 37 military Hospital all along

Obour is yet to undertake a mandatory coronavirus test as he himself stand a risk of already contracting the disease and knowing very well he had come into contact with a lot of people during his course of campaign to be the member of parliament for a constituency here in Ghana, his test is very necessary.
We however cannot affirm the authenticity of this breaking news, but we will do very well to give you more updates based on all events that happened in regards to this particular developing story.

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