RIP Eminem, “The World would Never forget You” Twitter Users React!

by - 2 mins

An unusual bizarre trending hashtag on Twitter have jumped the Heart out of a lot of fans and music lovers around the globe. This comes after RIP “Rest In Peace” Eminem started trending in Over 30 countries with USA leading the Top of that Charts. To clarify the truth behind this unusual trend, We investigated and have found the answer to what’s really popping up this #RIPEminem trends on twitter.

Per our analysis, Rapper Eminem is not dead as instigated and thus this Hashtag was started by some group of unknown internet users to generate buzz and comic on Twitter.

Over the past months many Celebrities have fallen victim to this scam #RIP Trends, amongst celebs falling to this sarcastic prank is popular figures such as Donald Trump, Ellen Degeneres, Drake, Dwayne Johnson, Kanye West amongst others. We manage to get some tweets of this crazy Hashtag #RIPEminem on Twitter. See Tweets below!