Roadside preacher Receives early Morning slaps for defying lockdown orders

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A roadside preacher at the Madina Zongo junction got himself into trouble in the early hours of today for defying the lockdown orders put into force by the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

The Preacher who is always found of preaching less and making more monetary request from passers was in his usual element this morning.

According to eyewitness, he had been warned earlier by one soldier not to mount his sound system. As stubborn as the preacher was, he asked the military man who he was to tell him not to propagate the word of the most high.

He told the soldier, “I am not leaving this place neither today or tomorrow. Do you know it is God who provides the air that makes you breathe to be a living being? So who are you, therefore, to ask me not to preach his word? I will go ahead and mount my speakers and Preach. The government will not give me money to buy food should i stay home”, the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness stated that the military man then asked the preacher to set up his sound system and preach if he was a man. According to the eyewitness account, the preacher went ahead to set up his speaker and mixer and started preaching. “Not only was he preaching but he was throwing subtle jabs at the military man indirectly calling him all sorts of names”, the eyewitness stated.

He continued, “The military man got furious, He gave his gun to one of his colleagues and went straight to the man. He again asked him to pack his things and leave but the preacher refused. It was then that the soldier slapped him left, right,left,right. I counted about 17 slaps.

When asked what the next reaction of the preacher was, he said he calmly packed his things and left saying God will judge the Military man.