Ronadinho’s Prison Inmates Cried Like Babies After They Organized Their Last Party Together

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Reports gathered by indicates that Ronaldinho bid farewell to his inmates amid tears in a barbecue party in the Paraguay prison after he was released and placed under proper house arrest, reports claim, ESPN FC. The former Barcelona star spent 32 days after being charged along with his brother for entering the country with fake documents. And once the news of the release of the Brazilian legend got to prison, a barbecue party was arranged to say bid him his final goodbye.

The World Cup winner was denied bail on three occasions before a judge granted them house arrest in exchange for a bail payment of $1.6million.

It’s a significant bail in cash to guarantee they will not flee,” judge Gustavo Amarilla said.

Ronaldinho will be placed at a four-star hotel in the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion before a date for a new trial will be set. The 40-year-old was loved by his fellow prisoners where they played football together and won the in-house competition.