Rudeboy Inspires Fans With A Photo of His Living Room As He Narrates How He Has Suffered In Life

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Many a time, people see celebrities living luxurious lifestyles without asking the source of their money or how they worked for it but jump in conclusion that they got everything they are enjoying on a silver platter.

Narrating the hustle he has gone through to be successful today, Rudeboy of Defunct music group P-Square says all his fans should forget about the glamour and the good lifestyle he is enjoying right now because he has been through tough times in the past.

According to him he has suffered a great deal to the extent that all he had to do is to keep working without going for holidays or trips while others enjoy.

Clearly his message is an inspirational one after which he flaunted the interior of his living room to show fans how hard work can elevate one’s status in life.