Sad!! Monster Truck Carries The Late DMX Casket As Thousands Of Bikers Parades His Remains To The Barclays Center For His Memorial Service (Video)

You would recall that earlier reported that DMX was in a critical condition after suffering a drug overdose. According to reports, DMX was rushed to a hospital in New York on Friday, April 2, with some sources claiming the drug overdose triggered a heart attack.

TMZ also disclosed that DMX has been taken to the critical care unit of a White Plains hospital where he is showing ”some brain activity”. Other sources which contacted TMZ disclosed that the rapper is in a ”vegetative state” and doctors boldly saying he might not make it

Well, DMX died on April 9, at 50 years old after suffering a drug overdose leading to a heart attack on April 2.

On Saturday, April 24, DMX’s coffin was put on the rear of a beast truck as many bikers led the burial service parade from his place of birth in New York to Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center for his memorial service.

The beast truck was embellished with the words “Long Live DMX” across the side and the “Ruff Ryders” logo at the back.

The private dedication was limited to just loved ones on account of the Covid, and it will be live streamed on YouTube. His burial service is at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 25.

Checkout the video below;

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