Sad News, North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead.. TMZ Report Claims!

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Reports sighted on Popular American News website TMZ affirms that North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un is dead or on his Sick Bed battling for his dear life following many rounds of Heart Surgery. As noted the controversial leader has been off the scenes and also from the Public domain for about a month now generating enough speculation of what’s been rumoured that the leader may have passed away.

Kim Jong Un’s Heart surgery reports spark over the internet as CNN also reported the leader was in theatre receiving Heart surgery treatment after sequential reports claimed it was as a result of frequent his smoking Habit, overworking himself and lack of Rest and regular check Up.

US President Donald Trump during his recent Press briefings was asked to authenticate reports of Kim Jong Un’s Health crisis or possible death based on intelligence supposed to have been picked by US intelligence, In response Trump argued he cant authenticate the news because they are rumours he and white House Staff have heard too, he further sent words of solemn to Kim as he said he hopes Kim Jong Un is not sick and is doing well contrary to news speculation.

But if this news about Kim Jong Un’s death is true, then his Sister would take up the postion of been the ultimate leader of North Korea as further reports suggests Kim’s sister has been promoted to the highest of ranks after his brothers prolonged absence from his duties and death rumours. is following this report about Kim Jong Un’s Death reports, any update would about this issue would be relayed to our cherish readers.. Please Share This Report!