Sad Photos of Mike Tyson in a Wheelchair at the Airport raises concern for his health

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56years old Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson has been spotted in a Wheel chair at the Miami International Airport which has generated concerns for his health. The boxer a couple of weeks ago made a shocking post claiming his death is coming very soon.

Its revealed that Mike is suffering from a “Sciatica Flare up” a medical condition that is related to the back of the human body and attributed to old age. Just a month ago, the legendary Boxer was spotted walking with a cane.

However from the pictures currently making waves, Mike is spotted sitting in a wheelchair while traveling which may indicate that his legs are failing him. Mike is seen posing with fans who take pictures of the legendary boxer at the Miami International Airport.

In his words, he said:“We are all going to die one day, Of course. Then,When I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, Woow. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon”