Sad!! Turkish Man Allegedly Pushes His 7 Months Pregnant Wife Off Cliff After Taking Their Last Selfies Together

Sad reports reaching our outfit indicates that a Turkish man has been arrested for allegedly killing his pregnant wife by pushing her off a cliff after posing for the gram.

The man has since been identified as Hakan Aysal. He has been accused of murdering his 32-year-old wife, Semra Aysal, and their unborn child during a vacation in butterfly valley in Turkey.

According to reports, 40-year-old Hakan Aysal pushed his wife who was 7 months pregnant off the cliff after they posed for pictured. Report has it that Semra Aysal fell 1,000 feet and guess what, she died instantly.

Further report indicates that after the death of Semra, the husband Hakan Aysal tried to collect a life insurance policy of about $57,000 but was denied as police were still investigating the death of his wife.

According to prosecutors, the death of Semra was never an accident but premeditated because he wanted her Semra’s money. A court has since ruled that Hakan Aysal be remanded in custody for premeditated murder.



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