Screenshot: Akuapem Poloo sends a strong warning to the wife of the man who disgraced and tried to beat her

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A viral video of actress Akuapem Poloo nearly beaten by the wife of man whom she recently married has hit social media.

In the video the wife was heard saying that she has legally been married to her man. She stated that Akuapem Poloo is dealing with someone’s husband who happens to be hers.

Akuapem Poloo defended herself saying the pictures and videos that flooded social media was just a music video and nothing serious like it was made to believe that she has been married to the man in question.

The woman nearly beat Akuapem Poloo had it not been the intervention of the man in the middle of the fight.

After the man tried separating them, Akuapem Poloo was seen fleeing the scene for fear of being beaten by the man’s wife.

Fast forward the video vixen has sent a very strong warn to the wife of the man to stay off her because she really doesn’t have anything to with her husband.

She wrote:

@kingmondomusic watch out tell that lady😏 Mum @those_called_celebs I’m well prepared because they planned it paa to shame me because she came with someone to video for her thank God my sister was watching them since they came I wasn’t around till I came to meet the lady