Screenshot: ”Davido Needs Rehabilitation”- Nigerians React After Davido Was Allegedly Accused Of Beating The Hell Out Of A Bouncer

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David Adedeji Adeleke, better known as Davido, is an American-born Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. He studied Business Administration at Oakwood University before dropping out to make beats and record vocal references.

Davido is once again in the news regarding the issue of an alleged assault on a young man at a lounge recently. A popular DJ, DJ TTB called out the Nigerian singer and his crew members for allegedly beating the hell out of a bouncer at a lounge.

DJ TTB lashed out at Davido for claiming to be someone who fights for the youth yet goes about the same night he protested in doing outrageous things. DJ TTB claims that Davido and his thugs beat the hell out of a bouncer for doing his job. He cautioned Davido to be very careful the next time as they will change things for him if he ever tries it again. This is what he had to say;

@davidoofficial you can’t be claiming you are fighting for the youth while same night, you and your thugs are beating up a bouncer in an Abuja lounge just for doing his job. Be very careful bro the next time we go change am for you if you try this. The bouncer is in a very bad condition now, bleeding from ears and nose.”

Checkout the screenshot below;


Some social media commentators after hearing about the news disclosed that Davido has anger issues and should learn how to control it. Others were also of the view that it will be better if he stops walking with his crew because there’s mostly trouble on way or the other why they are all together. Some also went as far as recommending rehabilitation for the young singer if indeed he assaulted the bouncer.