Screenshot: Ghanaians Should Be Very Vigilant On The Voting Date Because Our Network Will Be Interrupted – Says Ibrah One

We earlier  reported on Ibrah One urging John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), not to panic about all the fake prophecies claiming he is going to lose in the December 7 elections.

According to Ibrah One, these prophets claiming Nana Addo will win are all in support of him because of money. He also added that he does not need anything from the NDC after their victory neither can John Mahama bribe him nor pay him for his victory prophecy.

Ibrah One in a latest post has urged Ghanaians  to be vigilant come December 7 because there is an alleged plot to interfere with the network. According to Ibrah One, nothing on earth can make the NPP with the upcoming elections even if the network is tempered with. This is what he had to say;

”Ghanaians should be very vigilant on the voting date because our network will be interrupted, nothing on earth can make NPP win this election”

Checkout his post below;



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