Screenshot: “I Think Is Time I Start To Display My Powers, If The Calamities Don’t Stop, I Will Mention Names And Give Evidence – Ibrah One Says

You would recall that we reported on Ibrah One making some allegations that 15 people from India have been invited to perform some rituals in the country. According to Ibrah one, these Indians are demanding over 2000 souls through any form of accident in order to carry out their rituals. Ibrah further disclosed that 60 men from Benin are currently in the country to help a political party to win power in any negative way.

In drawing his conclusion to the above stated allegations, Ibrah One stated that God is a great seer and that he sees everything under the sun. This is what he had to say;

”15 people from India has been invited to perform rituals and their demanding for 2000 souls through any form of incident, and also 60 men from benin has also arrived in Ghana to help a political party to win power in any negative way. But God is a great seer I, he sees everything hidden under the sun”.

Well, in a latest post which has been sighted by our outfit, Ibrah One has disclosed that if these calamities do not stop, he is going to expose the people behind the accidents and furnish it with evidence. He stated that enough is indeed enough in our beloved country and that he is going to start displaying his “krakye” powers. This is what Ibrah One had to say;

”If we enter November which is my month of birthday and his calamities don’t stop, i will mention names and give evidence. I will also throw a challenge, enough is enough in this country! I think is time i start to display my powers, the smallest dog back loudest. I’m not like the useless fake pastors who walks around with body guards and security men. Who ever thinks he is man enough can try me.”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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