Screenshot: Kuami Eugene shoots his shot at Tima Kumkum few days after she declared she is single and needs a man

We though the only artist in lynx entertainment who prefers older women was Kidi but it seems Kuami Eugene has joined the trail.

Kuami Eugene has declared his love for Tima Kumkum, a TV Presenter a few weeks after she revealed that she is single ans in need of a man in her life.

In a post on Instagram, the artist revealed that he admires her a lot and even described his admiration as an obsession.

He wrote: “I think I am your biggest fan or it just an Obession. Idk But I admire you a lot”

The TV Presenter who was happy with his comment replied claiming she has also been admiring the artist for sometime now.

“Awwwww you just made my day hun, you have no idea how I admire you too, this is humbling thank you, I’m super proud of you” she replied



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