Screenshot: Lady who exposed Married man in an all female group on social media after he proposed to her finally explains why she did it

Nana Ofori Addo is currently trending on social media after a Lady he proposed to shared his picture in popular all female group asking for his Marital status before she takes further steps towards him

The Lady identified as Linda Maame Abena Brefo courageously shared a Picture of Nana Ofori Addo asking netizens in the group if the man in the Picture is taken off the market as in if he is married.

Lo and behold she finally got the answers she was looking for as the man in question is married to a very beautiful woman and according to social media users who know him very well, he has been married for a very long time.

In a lengthy post explaining why she did what she did, she revealed that the man in question lied to her about his marital status, She revealed that the man told her, he is a divorcee who really hate his wife because of what she put him through.

Though she had her doubt, she believed him after she spoke to his Mother and sister whgo verified that he is indeed single. She also went ahead to give him Money and also took Loan for him to clear certain Cars he claim he has ordered from Dubai.

The Lady is now seeking to find his Marital status after she did her Investigation and found out he lied about his Wife. Below are some screenshots from Mummihood



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