Screenshot: Nothing Will Work For NPP Both Spiritually And Physically This Year – Ibrah One Says As He Also Makes A Shocking Revelation About America’s Election In November

The troublesome Ibrah One in a post on his social media page has make some shocking revelations with regards to America’s upcoming election and that of Ghana’s election in December.

According to Ibrah One, America and Ghana would have a female vice president. He also stated that on the day of voting in America, something strange would happen but did not disclose what exactly. The voting would still take place he added.

On the issue of Nana Addo, Ibrah One stated that the tables would turn this time around and that President Akufo-Addo should not put his hope in these fake prophets. This is what he had to say;

”First in history, Ghana and America would have a female vice president. On the third of November would also be the voting day in America, something strange will happen on that same day, but the voting would still take place.

This serve as warning to Nana Addo cause the table will turn. As i have been saying, I’m not a prophet not a pastor, i would love to advise him over putting his hope in the fake pastors. This year both spiritually and physically nothing will work for NPP.”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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