Screenshot of Fella Makafui Asking The Price of Sister Derby’s Dress To Buy Same Pops Up

Although Fella Makafui has denied copying sister Derby, a screen shot that confirms she is guilty has surfaced on social media.

In the screenshot sighted, the actress sent a photo of sister Derby seated in a chair with her legged crossed to a shop owner asking for the price of the attire sister Derby was wearing in the photo she sent.

Well before this screenshot, the actress blasted Wanlov Kuborlor for saying that she copies everything his sister does.

This whole brouhaha which Wanlov has stirred on social media has got social media buzzing wit some fans advising Fella Makafui not to react to whatever they say,

It appears what Wanlov said at 3FM has a little evidence backing it looking at the screenshot we have in our possession.

Check the screenshot below:

Fella Makafui indeed copied Sister Derby
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