Screenshot: Showboy Speaks From Prison Again, Reveals How He Nearly Commited Suicide After Series Of Broken Heart

You would recall that we reported on the Co-founder of AMG business and record label Showboy reacting from prison sounding a strong warning to the boys using the AMG brand without having to sign anything on paper to confirm their claims. He stated that if he is to come out from prison just to find out that the AMG brand is dead, he will blame no other person than Criss Waddle.

He further stated that he is going to be home soon and will be seen with Criss Waddle and guess what, he dared the boys using the AMG brand saying that whoever refuses to take his orders when is he released from prison and back in the country will have to deal with him. He confirmed being a full time game boy stating that Criss Waddle is no longer in the game but now into real estate business and that the young guys should learn from him and not condemn him.

In a latest post which has been sighted by, showboy disclosed how happy he was in fighting anxiety and depression. He disclosed that he suffered broken hearts and had suicidal thoughts but guess what he overcame it. He further laid emphasis on not trusting any woman in his life as a result of being played.

Checkout the screenshot below;



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