Screenshot: The Ga’s And The Northerners Have No Say In This Country Because The Akan’s Have Made Them Less Ghanaians – Ibrah One Claims

Self acclaimed Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrah One, has taken to his Insta stories to make a bold statement regarding who has a say in ruling the country.

According to Ibrah One, there have been the notion that our brothers in the North are slaves and that there is no way they will ever rule the country. He stated that come next year 2021, a Norther will rule the nation whether we like it or not.

He further disclosed that the Ga’s and the Northerners have no say in the country because the Akan’s have actually make them less of Ghanaians. I do not know his reasons and justification for saying that but we hope he comes out to explain further.

This is what Ibrah One had to say;

”Those saying northerners are slave and northerners can’t rule, next year northerner will rule the nation. You can go to hell whether you like it or not. The Ga’s and the northerners have no say in this country because The Akan’s have made them less Ghanaians”

Checkout the screenshot below;

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