Screenshot: Wendy Shay Thanks FDA For Schooling Her

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has broken its silence over ban on celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages following Wendy Shay’s comment calling for review its policy.

According to Wendy Shay, she did not know such a law existed till it was too late. In a tweet sighted by, she stated that it is outrageous for the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to take from them even the little they make.

“I just lost a deal worth 1000s‘ of dollars with this foreign alcohol company…I didn’t know in Ghana Celebrities can’t advertise for alcoholic beverages according to FDA. Like Seriously?! Small food we go chop too u wan take 4rm our mouth. Gh celebs wake up !!FDA Lift dat ban!!” she tweeted.

But the Authority in a post also said it is “not trying to take food away from your mouth,” but rather, the decision is to protect young people from abusing alcohol.

To conclude on the matter, Wendy Shay decided to thank the FDA for the education but went further ahead to let them know their decision is very much unfair to them (Celebrities).

This is what she had to say;

FDA thx for de reply.U endorse alcohol n make cash by approving it to be sold,but you claim to protect children when a celeb wants to make money by advertising it?UNFAIR! If you truly care abt the kids and not the money then why approve it in first place?FDA alone wan chop ..GH wake up!‬

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