Screenshot: “Who Dresses Like That To Someone’s Wedding” – Fans Of Chacha Eke Blast Her Husband For His Looks

You would recall that we reported on Chacha Eke needs addressing her fans and followers regarding the support and love shown her after she disclosed that she was done with her marriage.

Chacha who has since dispelled her own news took to her Instagram page and shared some pictures of herself and her husband after they attended a sister-in-law’s marriage ceremony in Anambra. From the look of things, you could tell for a fact that everything seem cool between the couple as they are indeed together and not planning to divorce anytime soon.

A young fan who has been identified as Doriskendris is of the view that the actress needs to apologize to her and her fans for playing with their minds and emotions. They fans also made it clear to the actress that the fact that they are fans does not mean they are fools to be toyed with.

A fan who also goes by name uwaemechukwudi decided to lash out at Chacha’s husband. According to the fan, the husband of the actress style of dressing is weird.

”Your husband’s style of dressing is weird. Who dresses like that to someone’s wedding?”

Who do you think about his dressing? Is it cool or naah? Kindly let us know your thoughts at the comment section.

Checkout the screenshot below;

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