Screenshots: Angry Ghanaians Blast Australian High Commissioner To Ghana For Eating Fufu With His Left Hand

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews, is currently living his best life in Ghana as he has decided to update his fans and followers on exactly what he has been doing. Gregory Andrews is known to be one of the most sociable Commissioners you would ever come across as he has been spotted on a countless number of times having a good time with some Ghanaians without any hindrance.

Gregory took to his Facebook page and shared some pictures of himself enjoying a our local fufu with grass cutter meat. He even disclosed that it was his very first time of trying such a delicacy and even went as far as telling how his people back in Australia eat python meat and the egg. He further disclosed that he even ate his his left hand just because he is left handed but some Ghanaians could not fathom why we would still eat with his left hand.

Truth is, in our part of the world, Ghana to be precise, it is believed that the left hand is somehow unclean and also does most of the dirty works and that is to say using the washroom and cleaning the backside with it. So it’s a bit understand if they also react but they should also bare in mind that he has no idea until his attention was drawn.

He took to his Facebook page and shared a picture of himself eating the fufu with caption;

”Thanks to my new friend Safura in Sunyani, I had my first bushmeat and first homemade-fufu all in one day! Safura made a delicious soup with grasscutter meat and smoked fish. And she served it with pounded fufu made of plantain and cassava.

In Indigenous Australia we call bushmeat ‘bush tucker’. My favourite bush tucker is python eggs. The python eggs are traditionally cooked inside the python. We eat the python meat too, but I only like the eggs. Python meat is a bit too stringy because it’s all rib cage.
Awkward: I’m left handed and I used the wrong hand to eat the fufu. Sorry about that”

Checkout his post below;

Checkout some reactions below;

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