Screenshots: #EndSARS Legal Counsel, Modupe Odele Cries Out After Immigration Officials Stopped Her Again, Took Her Passport For ‘Secondary Clearance’.

Modupe Odele a.k.a Moe, a Nigerian lawyer and a front liner during the #EndSARS protest has revealed that she was held back by the Nigerian Immigration Service while she was trying to travel.

Recall that Moe’s passport was seized from her few months ago and their was an outcry from millions of Nigerians before it was finally released to her.

Moe took to her Twitter page on Thursday morning, December 31 to reveal that she was stopped again by the official and they took her passport for ‘secondary clearance’. She also srevealed that she wouldve missed her flight if she hadn’t made some calls.

She tweeted;

“So shocking that this people stopped me again and took my passport for “secondary clearance” again.  Tbh I didn’t think they would even try it. But here we are.

“I had to make a call to be allowed to pass through. And I’m told I’ll always be stopped like that upon entry to or exit from Nigeria.  What is my crime again? Providing legal aid?  Anyway, this is obviously goodbye to Nigeria for a long time.

“You force me to go on exile from my own country for no crime. I can’t visit and go as I please anymore. What a shame.  I would have missed my flight if I didn’t make those calls. Because the person to do the secondary clearance wasn’t “on sit”.

“I do not regret anything I did because we did a good thing. But the stress that has come with this makes me wonder sometimes if it was worth it.  Bugged phones, security agents tailing , bank accounts blocking. For what????!”

“Randomly just remembered that after the immigration guy scanned my passport, he looked up at me and said “you get problem o”  LOL The Nigerian Aunty in me muttered under my breath “na you go get problem”

Him: What did you say ma?

Me: Nothing sir

“He then proceeded to say “you have issue. Wait here” 😂”

See tweets below;



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