Screenshots: Governor El-Rufai’s Wife Laments That Kaduna’s Stress Turned Her Hubby’s Hair Gray, Tweeps React.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s first wife, Hadiza El-Rufai has complained that the stress involved in governing Kaduna state has turned her husband’s hair gray.

Mrs. El-Rufai shared a picture of her and the governor on Saturday evening, January 9 on Twitter and lamented that they’re the same age but Kaduna’s stress has changed her husband’s hair colour.

She wrote;

“See what Kaduna stress has done to my husband’s hair. We’re the same age, fa.”

This tweet have generated numerous reactions from tweeps. Although some have lauded the efforts of the governor in moving the state forward, many others have told the First lady to tell her husband to resign because they never forced him for the job.

Some reactions reads;

@Enwangboso wrote;

“When you charge people for attempted adultery, it can contribute to grey hairs. The picture looks fine though.”

@iam_feezee wrote;

“Them force am take the job? Would you have dreamt of people calling you first lady if he is not governor?”

@IdaeworTimothy wrote;

“Your husband is enjoying Kaduna state wealth and you called it stress, if another chance giving to him to contest millions time he will, so how do you define your stress Mrs El-Rufai???We are watching and God is Watching too!!!”

@fattylincorn01 wrote;

“I’m honored for the follow 🙌 ma . Longlife to you and your husband with sound health.”

@EbaForBreakfast wrote;

“Loooool. Maybe he should just resign so he can rest. It’s not like there are any visible results from this “stress” in the state.”

@Marmyla wrote;

“Grey hair is how we know leaders who are working for the masses and not there to relax and be taken care of with tax payers money.😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

@BigSulenty99 wrote;

“You should also be talking about Kaduna’s money and its effects on you and your family.”

See screenshots below;



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